On Friday 29th May 2014 we had our DARE graduation. DARE means, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or Define Acess Respond Evaluate. In our DARE graduation we included many things like songs, plays and information. Here is a bit of one of our songs that we included: Heroin, Cannabis, they are drugs you should not take. They are bad, very bad! And you need to be drug free.

There were different plays that we did like, anti- social behaviour, self esteem, drugs and smoking, drinking, volatile substances and bullying. Me and Millie were included in self esteem and drugs and smoking.  It was a fun type of play. We had no help with plays what so ever we made them ourselves.

Here are all the names of our songs: What do drugs do? (What does the fox say?), Drugbusters (Ghostbusters), Wake me up and Stop before you start which every class does. Our favourite song was Drugbusters.

Here are the plays that were included in our graduation: Anti – Social behaviour – Jay J, Rose, Billy, Logan, Rowan, Riley and Kayleigh. Volatile substances – Josh, Jonas, Cowan, Kieran, Callum and Jay D. Self esteem – Me, Millie, Shannon, Savannah, Emily, Charlotte and Nicole. Drugs and Smoking – Me, Millie, Shannon, Savannah, Emily and Chloe R. Bullying – Heather, Sian, Hannah, Charlotte, Isabelle and Alison. Drinking – Chloe M, Nicole, Kayleigh, Lewis, Oskar and Jack.

At the end of our fantastic DARE graduation, Officer Hand, (our DARE teacher), gave out our DARE certificates. We were all very proud of ourselves. Thank you Officer Hand for teaching us all about DARE.

By Emmie and Millie.

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