Our D.A.R.E Graduation


DARE (Drugs, Abuse, Resistance, Education or Define, Access, Response and Evaluate) is a course which primary-school children take to learn about drugs and how to respond when threatend or forced to take them.

This is a list of drugs we have learnt to resist:


I was in a play showing risks of how dangerous volatile substances and played a little kid as well as Callum and Cowan. It was very fun learning about drugs and having a laugh with Officer Hand. Our plays were great and ours (me, Callum’s, Cowan’s, Matthew’s, Jonas’ and Joshua’s) was probably the shortest of them all!

We sang ALOT of songs including Stop Before You Start (twice), What Do Drugs Do (a parody of What Does The Fox Say), Wake me up (by Avicci) and finally DRUGBUSTERS! (a parody of Ghostbusters).

These were all extremely fun to sing and dance to as I think we all learned after our performance for DARE!

In conclusion DARE was the most fun activity out of all Year 6 and I hope you enjoyed my blog post about it!


By Kieran

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