D.A.R.E Graduation Day!

Dare means Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education or Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate.
My favoutrite song was the Stop Before You Start song. My favourite play was the self  esteem play, there was Shannon,Emily,Emmie Millie,Charlotte,Nicole and Savannah in it. I was in the Drug and Smoking play with Emmie,Shannon,MIllie,Emily and Savannah  I was a geek. My favourite second song was Rather Be with Shannon,Emily,Emmie and Millie singing and dancing. Shannon,Emmie and Emily were dancing but Millie was singing in the middle. My favourite song was Drugbusters.I was in only one play which was about drugs and smoking. I liked our DARE course because Officer Hand was so funny and it taught me not to take any of these bad things.
By Chloe’ Rose


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