D.A.R.E Graduation

About two weeks ago we did are D.A.R.E graduation. D.A.R.E is a course that children take to learn about the dangers in drugs, smoking, alchol, volatile subtances and anti-social behaviour. It help them to make the right choices when they get older and not get arrested for drug dealing.

In the D.A.R.E graduation me, Josh, Cowan, Jonas, Jay D, Kieran and Matthew did a play based on volatile substances. Me, Kieran and Cowan were little kids and we had to drink bleach, the bleach was actually three water bottles, and we shouted, “LETS NECK IT!” Then Matthew, who was Mr Heath, came and screamed, ” OH MY GOSH THEY’VE DRUNK THE BLEACH , 999 can I have an ambulance and the police please.” Then Jonas, Josh and Jay, who were the police and ambulance, came to the rescue, after that they took us to the hospital.

There were 5 songs and they were:
Stop before you start
What do drugs do     ( What does the fox say)
Wake me up
Rather be
and Drugbusters       ( Ghostbusters)

My favourite bit was our play because me, Kieran and Cowan got to pretend that we were little kids drinking bleach. Also I loved the song, Stop before you start.

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