About two weeks ago (23.5.14) we performed our D.A.R.E graduation 2014.

For those of you who don’t know, D.A.R.E is a ten week course that children take to teach them about the dangers of things like smoking,cannabis and anti-social behaviour. The D.A.R.E course was lots of fun and  taught us many important life lessons.

In our D.A.R.E graduation we were split into groups and instructed to create a play about a D.A.R.E related subject (for example: cannabis). My group did a play about volatile substances and the harm they can cause. Volatile substances are things like bleach and glue, they are very dangerous, and can kill easily. In my group there was: Me, Callum, Kieran, Josh, Jonas, Jay D and Matthew.

We sang many different songs in D.A.R.E, but my favourite was certainly DRUGBUSTERS. As you have probably guessed DRUGBUSTERS is like GHOSTBUSTERS but about drugs. The class had great fun with this song, because we got to spray the audience with water guns. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed my DARE graduation and I hope that everyone who watched it enjoyed it too!

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