What I did at half term

Saturday night I went to my grandma and grandad’s house because my mum and dad went to pick something up. We watched X factor which I love, it’s one of my favourite shows. I slept that night. Sunday morning I sat inside and watched my grandad wash the car. I didn’t help because it was freezing outside. In the afternoon me and my grandma sat and played games. We played snap and a guessing game which was really fun. I slept that night too because I didn’t want to go home. On Mondays my grandma and grandad always go to Meadowhall so I went with them. We went and had a Sandwhich. After that we went to costa I had a mango and passion fruit ice cooler. Then we went to Argos and I bought Aqua beads. Next we walked round to costa near where debenhams is. I had a hot chocolate because I was cold. After, we walked to the car and went home. When we got home I decided that I was going to stay one more night. So I rang my mum up and said “can I stay one more night” and my mum said “yes”. Tuesday I stayed at home and finished my sketching and learnt how to draw trees without tracing paper. Then my sister came to pick me up. I stayed untill my grandma got back then we asked my grandma whether she could drop us off at home, so she did. Wednesday me and my sister did nothing just sat and watched TV. While the TV was on I finished some of my homework. Thursday I went to work with my mum and dad. We hadn’t even been there 5 mins and I already colected 46 conkers. I stayed all day. Friday I stayed at home until 12:45 then we went to tesco and bought 3 cards for Mrs Caudwell. Saturday we stayed at home until Heather came then we went to my grandmas my mum picked me and Heather up we went to mine untill Heathers mum came then she left. In the morning my sister had to go to work and so did my mum and dad so my mum asked Cheryl if I could go to hers all day they were going to twin lakes so I went with them. It was a good day. Yesterday I went to Charlie and Alisha’s house. We stayed at home untill 11 then we went to macro in Sheffield for 50 mins and then at 2:02 we went to pick Charlie and my sister up and I went home. Alisha came to mine because Charlie had to go to the doctors for something while They did that we took Mrs Caudwells cards round. Later we went to Asda to get some bits and bobs we were there just over 1 hour and then we came home.

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