The 30 minute long cereal conversation!

Mr Huthart came into our classroom this morningĀ and started talking about cereals and which were the best ones. Everyone had a different favourite and someone even likes all of them in one. After a few minuets we talked about lots of different breakfasts. we even learnt what the Weetabix challenge is! I’ll explain. Its when you have to eat your Weetabix before the milk soaks in! Then we talked about what is the best drink to go with the breakfast. Some people like warmed blackurant and apple. And some people like warm orange juce. Then Mr Huthart totally changed the subject from breakfast to Kingswood.

One thought on “The 30 minute long cereal conversation!

  1. Samuel and I have banana and fruit cereal for our breakfast. Sam manages to get his all over his face and in his hair (I’m not quite as messy).

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