Valley Transition By Chloe & Charlotte

Valley Transition Days

For three days we went for a transition event at Outwood Academy Valley. We were really nervous at first but then we got into it. First we got registered and got a sticker with our names on them, Chloe and Charlotte. A few of our other friends were in our group like Shannon, Emmie and Emily. We went into the atrium for an introduction to Valley.

Afterwards we went for a quick tour around Valley to show us where everything is. It was really long because there are so many stairs and corridors. There are a lot of classrooms aswell.

Then we got measured for uniforms. Chloe got trousers, Shannon got trousers, Emmie got a skirt and so did me and Emily. We all think that the skirt is horrible because they changed it. We all wish that we had got trousers now. I wish we could choose our own skirt from ANY shop that we want.

After that we did a variety of lessons like English and History. We really enjoyed them and we liked the teachers. The English teacher gave us really cool smiley stickers. In history we did the mystery of Mark Pullen and Elizabeth Cockcroft.

We went to lunch and me, Emily and Shannon had a Panini and Emmie had a jacket potato. Chloe had sandwiches. The food was really nice and lovely.

After that we did art. The art teacher was very creative. We drew monsters and then gave them a word that summed up their personalities. Shannon had a funny monster, Emmie had a zig-zagged monster, Emily had a scary monster, Chloe had a friendly monster and I had a cheeky monster.

Then we all went home.

The Coal Mining Museum

Last Thursday, my class went to the coal  mining museum. We all had a great time, and I think it was one of the best day trips we have ever been on. Here is a recount of what happened:

We arrived at the museum at about 10:30 and almost straight away my group was taken down the mine by a guy called Taz. We all received a helmet and a light and our tour began! A few people were scared when we were down the mines and Taz didn’t help with his constant attempts to scare us! We learnt many things when we were down the mines, for instance what workers down the mines were called. When we finally emerged from the mines we went straight to the shops and bought some gifts.

After five minutes in the shop we went to a show all about children working down the mines, it was very interesting. We learnt quite a lot about children working down the mines and just how difficult it was. Unfortunately, after this our trip ended and we had to go home, finishing an awesome day.

The island (part 6)

It was now Jimmys sixth day on the island and things were finally looking up. The caveman (Jimmy had now decided to call him UG) was always bringing him food and water, in return Jimmy had decided to teach him some english. So far it had not been going very well, the only words UG had managed to learn were:”Friend”, “Jimmy” and “FOOD!!!!”

The only problem was UG had no medical knowledge and therefore had not been able to treat Jimmy’s festering, pus soaked cut. Another problem was that UG had not brought him a single burger or a tiny bit of bread, he had only brought him crabs, small fish and on some rare ocassions a lizard! All this food did taste very nice, but since UG was obviously a very good scavenger he sometimes wondered how difficult it could be for UG to get him just a small burger, or a tiny bit of caviar.

That night Jimmy dreamt of home. Of luxury beds, cruise liners, caviar, but most of all how his old, rich parents would worry about him. Then again, he doubted they even knew he was lost, after all they had never been very responsible parents. They prefered to shower him with expensive gifts and leave him in front of the TV then actually talk to him. Even on his birthday, his father told the butler to take him to the Ritz for a week instead of actually associating himself with his son. Jimmy knew he should be grateful for his parents riches, but sometimes he wished that he could just have a normal familly without the billions of dollars.


The island (part 5)

Jimmy carefully opened one eye. He wasn’t dead!  Either that or he was dead and this was heaven. He looked around at his dirty, dark, dangerous surroundings, he doubted THIS was heaven. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye, it was a gigantic lizard with huge, razor sharp teeth Jimmy was about to run away when he realised three things:

1. The lizard was dead.

2.It had a large knife in its head.

3. The knife he found earlier wasn’t in his hand.

It really didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened. He looked at his saviour, it was the caveman from earlier! It was annoying and stupid, but it was obviously fast and strong and it had just saved his life. Jimmy smiled, maybe it could come in handy after all…


Loom Bands

Loom bands are very popular insch our school. Children all the way from year 2 to year 6 love to make things with them. It is my favourite thing to do at the minute. There are lots of different types of bands to do. There is the fish tail, starburst, single loop and triple single loop. There are also different charms. My friend Emily made a owl and a snake with them and she also made a bow ring for me. She is a really great friend and I love her lots. She is in the middle of making me a starburst. My favourite ones to do is the inverted fishtail. I make them for lots of people them.

The island (part 4)

Jimmy screamed. And screamed. And screamed. There was something in the cave with him! The thing stepped slowly forwards, its long, matted hair swinging in front of it. Then he saw the creatures face…

He stopped screaming. The ‘creature’ was human! “Hello?” Croaked Jimmy. “Can you hear me?” Tensely, he awaited the mans reply… “UG!”

“What?” This is not what Jimmy had been expecting. “UG!!!!!” Jimmy was taken aback. His first human contact on the island was a caveman! Never-the-less he continued to try to communicate with him. “What is your name?”

“UG!!” screamed the creature, obviously he was getting no-where. Sighing, Jimmy stood up and began to walk out of the cave. Suddenly something jumped at him from a tree, screeching madly. Jimmy closed his tired eyes, he gave up.


The island (part 3)

Jimmys cut was getting worse. He was into his third day on the island and all he had been able to do for his cut was wrap a palm leaf around it. He desperately needed food, but he dared not venture into the jungle in the centre of the island, instead he stayed on  the beach he had washed up on, desperately hoping that someone would find him.

No-one did. It was his fourth day  on the island and he had finally sucummbed to hunger and ventured into the deep, dark, dangerous jungle in the hope of finding some food. A bread tree perhaps, or maybe a burger bush? After all, it did say on the packets of these things that they came from all natural sources.

Three hours had passed since Jimmy had came into the jungle and he had still not found a single burger bush or chicken tree. What he had found however was: One coconut, a  lizard (he sat on it) and a knife which had been in the boats wreckage.

Finnally, the exaustion became so unbearable that Jimmy went to sit in a cave he had found. He had just been about to settle down to sleep when something stepped into the cave…

To be continued…

Camping: Part 1

Tonight instead of sleeping in the hall like on normal blogathons we are camping in tents on the school field. I am sharing a tent with Isabelle. I can’t wait!!!  We have some fairy lights to go in our tent so it will be bright and pretty. I don’t know if anyone will go to sleep at all because everyone will get giddy in the tents. Sadly, this is our last ever blogathon because we are going up to Valley in September.  I hope that this will be the best blogathon of all. I’m looking forward to the camping more than anything, and I think that it is the same for some other people too. I think that camping is really fun, although it might rain or blow our tent away. I’m going to write part 2 in the morning after the camping and if not I will write it at home later on in the day.


Today at school we are doing a blogathon/camp out. We are bloging through the day and then camping out on the field through the night.I hope you read  our blogs and comment on as many as possibe. Today is going to be a really fun day, because we will be pizza making and it will be funny to watch Miss Jackson and Mrs Bartlett try and help put our tents up. I CANT WAIT TILL WE CAMP OUT ON THE FIELD ITS SO EXCITING!!!!

My hobby

My favourite hobby is roller skating and roller hockey. Roller hockey is like ice hockey but on roller skates. It is greaty fun and has lots of action.  When I am older I either want to be the striker or the net minder (goal keeper). I go every Wednesday to Rotherham and am working at my level 4. They provide me with a ice hockey stick but I am getting my own soon.

My favourite team is Sheffield Steelers.